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Our Products

Custom WaterMarked Paper puts you a notch above the rest. It gives you the Distinction and Security that only a personalized WaterMark can offer. A new process allows us to chemically transform the paper and place your personal mark anywhere on the sheet.

Certificates of Origin (MSO)

Our forms are accepted by every State DMV office and Coast Guard station. Guaranteed! FREE template to complete your forms on your computer. Custom Made.

School Transcripts

We offer 2 different types of Transcripts – for Regular Schools & for HomeSchools. Certificates of Completion Paper. Degree Papers.

Certificate Paper

Your custom WaterMark makes your certificates secure & distinctive. Your WaterMark can not be copied, scanned, recreated.

Prescription Sheets

Federally approved Prescription sheets. Computer generated and Hand Written. Counterfeit proof. Secure. Any size.

Security Paper

For printing a wide variety of documents such as contracts, HR documents and confidential papers

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You get our 100% Guarantee so you never have to worry about getting exactly what you want.

About Chicago WaterMark Company

Chicago WaterMark Company is a child of the venerable 115 year old Chicago Printing & Embossing Company. In 1902, E.T. Koch established the Chicago Printing & Embossing Company in an area called Printer’s Row in Chicago (See Telephone Directory, 1902). He specialized in high-quality commercial and job printing. One of his first customers was Marshall Field & Company, at that time the preeminent store for the carriage trade.

Chicago WaterMark Company is firmly established in New York City.

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